Show #16 Crochet is My Hobby

Crochet is  the coolest Hobby !

This Show Your Hosts talks about the joy of crochet as a Hobby!  Listen to:

  • Crochet As A Hobby

  • Crochet Swaps

  • Crochet Techniques

  • Crochet Benefits

 I am Modeling a hat set I made from a Magic Yarn Ball Swap in 2009

Featured Stitch  is the Star Stitch                                                          For ideas & inspiration visit #ccpodcast  Pinterest Board Here

Our Fur Baby Is My Peaches!!

                                                                            She is hiding in a pile of laundry.

Contest Time    

Share something great about crochet as a Hobby and what it means to you in the comments section of #ccpodcast

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Have A Safe & Blessed Memorial Day!

Until Next Time,                                                                              I’m forever Hooked and  it was a pleasure!