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Hello There!people-1636304_640

CC Podcast has not added any new shows since May. But, it will resume around Thanksgiving.

In the meantime. I am proud to announce  I learned the crocodile stitch. I have a couple of fall WIP’s for you to try; and some news about CC Podcast.

Although, I am somewhat of a private person;  I feel my awesome audience can get a snippet of my life. To my Blog skimmers;  good news, I am not a big writer lately. So my blog posts will be short and to the point.

I’ve been making moves! packing-40916_640

I moved back to NY from Maryland. But, setting up my studio is a daunting task. Unpacking, sorting, lifting, hurting and reconnecting with my family, is exhausting


Currently, I’m taking another hiatus in NJ with my parents. By the way they just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary! Super proud of those two!

So, there you have the jist of it!


Now, moving forwardshield-468080_640

A terrible echo in my home will make CC Podcast a hazard to my listeners. It is really bad!face-985965_640

Yesterday, my 4 year old granddaughter  and I were on the phone and she  said “Grandma, have an echo party!”  See what I mean?



I really do miss CC’s podcast, so I’ve been crocheting and researching (just for you) in the meantime.  The set target date is Thanksgiving for resuming  CC Podcast, as I scout the perfect spot for recording and editing future shows,

tree-1574165_640No worries, in the the meantime, I am staying connected with my Makers via social media. I believe my ideas, news, tips, patterns, and crochet Memes are going to make your days.


A few festive posts and goodies are  coming to CC’s Blog, tailored for my sellers & makers .

Before you go,  check out the two fall WIP’S by Bonita’s Patterns

. full_5691_7095_crocodilestitchlegwarmers_2 full_359_7095_crocodilestitchlegwarmers_1                                                                         Crocodile leg warmers Pattern Here

full_5739_1006_crocodilestitchwristwarmers_1-1 full_949_1006_crocodilestitchwristwarmers_2




Crocodile Wrist Warmers Pattern Here

If you’d like to learn the crocodile stitch go here.


See you on Social Media!

Show #9 Crochet DREAMZ!

Shenaaz is the fabulous Blogging, Crafting, Sewing, Knitting,  Crocheting,  Designing Mom and Founder of Crochet Dreamz

She was  featured in Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet Magazine, and the designer of the Crochet Braided Cowl that went viral this winter season and still a major hit

I had to have Shenaaz on the CC Podcast, so we can hear the voice behind the designer  of Crochet Braided Cowl that went viral this winter and say thank you,

You will Learn

  1. How she stumbled upon her designing and blogging career
  2. Booties were her first pattern she designed for fun
  3. Her pattern writing technique
  4. Where she gets her ideas for patterns
  5. Advice for finding trustworthy pattern testers
  6. Tips on writing a fool proof pattern
  7. Her design specialty
  8. Tips for planning out your designs for the year
  9. The fame of the Double Layered Braided Cowl Pattern

    Here is my granddaughter modeling my braided cowl.                                                      I  had to secretly steal it back. Gen Braided Cowl

    Click the Links to Visit Crochet Dreamz on the Internet.


Listen to this episode


This week’s tip is for our sellers using a technique called Bundling!

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  • Read About it  Here
  • See Ideas About Selling on CC’s Pinterest Board HERE

The Featured Stitch is the Shell Stitch

For ideas and inspiration Visit CC Pinterest Board Here

It’s been a pleasure! I’m forever hooked