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Have ever wondered how to get the right size for clothing and accessories? How many projects have you frogged or placed in your WIPs  pile? Well no need to stress. I am going to do my best to help us both.

There are  Four main things to consider when figuring the right measurement

  1. The type the yarn
  2. The Size of your hook
  3. The type of stitches
  4. your tension

Coming this month are templates for making the perfect size hats and mittens. It’ll be in the resources page and a PDF. downloadable

Finally, when creating your master pieces I have  Four techniques that will take a few minutes to do while crocheting but well worth the time.

  1. .Keep your template close by for easy reference
  2. . Always have a tape measure to measure your work.
  3. Stitch markers are great to insure you mark the rows that need increasing or  decreasing.
  4. A pencil and sheet of  paper to write down corrections, reminders, and other notes about your work.

This helps me a bunch. I have crocheted free style for decades; although, I rarely used patterns, I’ve learned that some sort of guidance is important. The reasons I enjoy using patterns today, is the plethora of styles and new skills my dynamic hookers have afforded me. I do get frustrated because as I designer I have to get into the head of another designer and decipher the wonderful abilities, AMAZING!!!

Please share what are some methods you use to measure your work.

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