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My go to place for custom quality labels is Wunder Label.  When shopping I use the acronym “ SEEP. “

  • Shipping – Is important to me. The price has to be reasonable, I think  $6.80 is good. The time it takes to get the items affects my business as well. Because the labels are personalized, production time is a huge factor, however mine came within a 7 – 10 days. 

  • Excellence – The woven labels are a nice quality. They stand up against my hot glue gun when sewing is not an option. The design is great and just as it was depicted in the thousands of label  selection prior to ordering. 

  • Experience – My overall customer experience was  marvelous! The web chat, customer support, promptly answered emails,  and the website is like non-other. You get to design your labels in real-time along with loads of other neat features. Try  it for yourself  HERE

  • Price – 50 personalized  labels  that you design for under $20 is a steal!                                                            

    As an entrepreneur I can’t afford to let my time, money and energy SEEP away! 

  • By settling for products that don’t reflect my business , 

  • Getting limited customer support. 

  • Most of all buying a few labels for more money.

  • Waiting 2 weeks or more for them is a NO NO for me.

That’s why WunderLabel is my one stop shop for all the labeling and branding needs for my crochet creations. Take advantage of their specials by clicking the HERE. Bloggers

Having your own website is a solid investment for just $6 a month sometimes less.  I look to share a post with good tips about this.

Here are 4 major  benefits  for having your own blog

  1. Your Name and Brand stands out.
  2. No Advertisements
  3. You are not limited to what you want to share
  4. Tracking your website to see what works and don’t work is  vital.

Blue Host held my hands. Phone calls, online chats, loads of tutorials, and the mounds of features are wonderful!  Sign up & Create your website Here


emailEmail List Building

Extremely vital  for telling customers about new items coming  to your store.

Keep in contact with your shoppers. Ask about product satisfaction; offer holiday specials & more

. Get Response has a free list building academy, integrations with a host of social media platforms.

Try it free today for a month HERE

travel-icons-shopping-md Online Stores

Another place to run an online business is Shopify.

I used them for the 2 week trial; but had to stop; to work on my Podcast.                                                          However; when all is working smoothly, I’ll be back <in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice>

Shopify has loads of features to make sure you are a success. Try it!  You have nothing to lose .

Take advantage of their  2 week trial today, right Here   Please share your experience.