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I’ve read in many of my Facebook groups about  Creatives ending up in the hospital; by overexerting themselves with crochet projects. Others had self-inflicted injuries as they tried to beat the clock to pump out last-minute gifts.  Sad to say they  were out of commission for a while.

I  agree Christmas is the biggest gift giving season of the year; however, I’d like you to reach the finish line safely. runner-579327_640

I created a strategy exclusively for my Makers: “7 ways to “Keep Calm During Holiday Crochet” :

1. Plan Your Projects to avoid getting overwhelmed. Make a list of your projects and check them off as you complete each one. This method motivates you to  finish your projects faster. Here a simple chart you can download and print. project-list

2 .Take Breaks to stretch your muscles and body parts. We tend to crochet for hours without realizing  the time has flown past. Then our body gets sore and stiff, this can cause other health issues.  Set an hourly  timer on your cell phone or alarm clock. Dance for 10 minutes, walk around, breathe, and/or drink water or soothing tea.

3. Small Projects are great ways to check off that long project list quickly. Small can have a huge impact when packaged or presented nicely. Such as, a crochet mug cozy with tea bags and cookies inserted in a mug. Get creative and have lots of fun with your small projects.

4. Use Creative Packaging as I stated in tip #3! Gifts inside of a gift are great. Try the dollar store. They  have loads of baskets, vases, wrappings, bags, and bows to make your handmade creations WOW  your gifts. Don’t forget your labels! Buy them HERE.

5. Pamper Your Hands by soaking them in warm water. Gently stretch and massage them with hand  balm or shea butter. They are the chickas making  all the designs inside of you happen. To my Creatives that have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other issues; please pamper your hands.

6. Easy Projects don’t require too many  stitch transitions and difficult patterns. It makes Christmas Crochet much more productive and stress-less. Add cute embellishments like poms-poms and buttons. Stitches like the moss or basket weave create lovely textures. Play with bright fun colors and try the hounds-tooth stitch.  Trust me your easy projects will look like hard work.

7. A Comfy Corner is imperative! Camaraderie  a corner of your sofa, or a cozy recliner, or a bed rest pillow. Make sure you have a little table to place drinks, snacks, and crochet stuff. Don’t forget proper lighting. A comfy seat helps your entire body relax, including your prosperous hands.

I hope these tips are helpful, and  your Christmas Crochet is Calm and a Success!  Take a Look at this Inspirational Pinterest Board I made just for you.

                                                            Finish  healthy and strong.


 Forever hooked Priscilla

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