The Mannequin Challenge


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Do you need a way to showcase your fab crochet hats? Or Do you own those bland foam mannequin heads?

You LOL! Host has a solution! Decorate a few mannequin heads to make your designs shine. I am so excited

What sparked this excitement, well I made some Kufi Hats for men and was taking a photo of them, and I was not pleased. It looked very feminine, and boring

What’s a Creative to do? I went to my 3 favorite trusted sites.

Google for ideas about decorating my mannequins there were some creepy morbid looking foam heads and I really liked the  gold and silver thumbtack designs!

Pinterest for ideas and inspiration  here is my Board 

Then I headed to YouTube for instructions (I hope to create a tutorial for you soon) and I loved it! There was loads of ideas and fun ways to make your mannequin heads look nice.

My favorites are the glitter mannequins and decoupage. Now they do have the beaded and mosaic tiles that are fabulous too. But I’ll see

I could not wait to start, here is what I grabbed my:  mod podge, newspapers (I ♥ free) ,  foam brush., acrylic spray  Here is what I created so far.

I can’t wait to design a few more of these . I need a set for a boy and a girl, a man and a woman, maybe  2 of each for a total of 8 mannequin heads This is a true “Mannequin Challenge”

Yes they do have them for sale, but; why not add your own style and pizzazz to show case your handmade pieces.  Who is up for the challenge?


Pictures in the next post.









My Hiatus!

Hey My Makers!  I am still gathering myself after losing my Daddy three day after my birthday.   Nevertheless,  I have some neat things in store for my Creatives this fall.

I truly miss you all and look forward to our Reunion.

♥Forever Hooked♥


Show #16 Crochet is My Hobby

Crochet is  the coolest Hobby !

This Show Your Hosts talks about the joy of crochet as a Hobby!  Listen to:

  • Crochet As A Hobby

  • Crochet Swaps

  • Crochet Techniques

  • Crochet Benefits

 I am Modeling a hat set I made from a Magic Yarn Ball Swap in 2009

Featured Stitch  is the Star Stitch                                                          For ideas & inspiration visit #ccpodcast  Pinterest Board Here

Our Fur Baby Is My Peaches!!

                                                                            She is hiding in a pile of laundry.

Contest Time    

Share something great about crochet as a Hobby and what it means to you in the comments section of #ccpodcast

Prizes Sponsored By and Avon

Winner to be announced next month.

Listen to The Show Now

Have A Safe & Blessed Memorial Day!

Until Next Time,                                                                              I’m forever Hooked and  it was a pleasure!


Show #15 Black Pearl Creations

I met this fabulous designer in one of my Facebook Groups, a one of a kind  pearl I am so happy to have met. We stayed on this call for almost an hour! I am sure you will enjoy this show as much as I do!

On this Show Joede shares;

  • How she began crocheting
  • The surprise business start-up
  • Running A crochet Business
  • Words of wisdom for fellow crochet biz owners and hobbyist

Find Joede Brown on
Etsy store:
Web Site:
Face Book: Black Pearl Creations
You tube:   joede1123                                                                                                                        How To Wear Shawls and Kimonos without looking like a Granny

In the Loops:

Thank You to the Contest Winners of the the Healing Series
Ashley, Jackie and Densie prizes from Avon’s beauty Boss Katherine Campbell
and from

You can shop online on the website on Yarners on FaceBook Today

Did you know you can sign up for 20% off your first order at
Buy Adorable & witty Crochet Quoted Tees, Totes, Pouches, Mugs, Mom and Me Tees & Onesies and more. 

The perfect way to share your yarn and crochet loving lifestyle with the world.
Why not sports fans and other hobbyist do it why not YOU!

Visit and use coupon code NewYarner20
Our Feature Stitch is the Basketweave                                                                                 This stitch is ideal for crochet home decor
design beautifully textured pieces like baskets, pillows, dish cloths and such
For more ideas and inspiration  Visit Crocheters Connection Pinterest Board  Here

Our Fur Baby is Joede’s very own Samson!
I have to share this gorgeous Mother’s Day Story about Joede’s Samson and it reads.  Listen to the show for this touching Mom’s Day Story

Visit CC Facebook page see more of his cute Pictures. Click


A Mother’s Day Shout OUT

To the Mothers across the world!
and I am praying for a beautiful Mom’s Day for all EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU

To the #1 Mom:  My MOMMY my Awesome Saucy Supportive Best Friend!             I love You Momma!

Final Remarks
I’m immensely grateful to you all for joining! The inspiration is magnificent!
Joede Brown thank you for your presence!
You have to visit her website and see her designs!
I must mention Joede is having a sale on her fab items. Coupon Code “crochetersconnection” 20% off any $35+ purchase. Expires May 31.    At only.

Alright My Superfly Makers, make your mark in this world!
Until next time! As always it was pleasure and I am forever hooked
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Show #12 Jackie Edwards


Although Show #12 was recorded last year it was an  honor to revisit this episode! Hearing about the phenomenal work Jackie Edwards is doing in Delaware for the homeless population is  magnificent!

Some of the Topics Discussed:

  1. How and why Jackie began crocheting
  2. The beginnings of Healing Yarns and its operations
  3. Code Purple and the magnanimous outreach to homeless population
  4. The people being serviced.
  5. The benefits of crochet and healing
  6. Recognized by the media for her awesome work in Delaware

Ways to connect with Jackie Edwards and help with her cause:

      Healing Yarns

                                                                            Code Purple Kent County

Special Announcement  from Jackie shared on March 24, 2017: Please  visit The Healing Garden 102 South Main Street Camden, DE 19934 to get Yarn to help with causes!

Special Shout Outs

Denise Larlee Joudrey from Canada was concerned about the pause in CC Podcast. I assured her I was working diligently to get the show back on track. We had a lovely time on Facebook chatting about patterns and such. For that I surprised Denise on the show with a cute mug from

CC Podcast Fur Buddy: Jango

 Denise Larlee Joudrey’s and Dear Hubby’s

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier 2 years old

Stitch of the Week is  The Beane Stitch

Visit CC Podcast Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration. Here


By  One Yarner will win a prize package (of a tote bag, mug, hand therapy cremes and nail gel).Share how  you started or joined a cause on CC Podcast Facebook Page under the comments  section. Enter to win Now HERE

Special thanks to CC Podcast Sponsor: Katherine Campbell  @ BEAUTY BOSS  Nail Gels  for pretty nails and Hand Therapy cremes for Yarners’.

All it takes is yarn and a hook to heal someone one in need! Start today.

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Until next time it’s been a  pleasure



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Last Minute Crochet Tips

 The rush is onschool-1822566_640but, you have to remain

I’ve read in many of my Facebook groups about  Creatives ending up in the hospital; by overexerting themselves with crochet projects. Others had self-inflicted injuries as they tried to beat the clock to pump out last-minute gifts.  Sad to say they  were out of commission for a while.

I  agree Christmas is the biggest gift giving season of the year; however, I’d like you to reach the finish line safely. runner-579327_640

I created a strategy exclusively for my Makers: “7 ways to “Keep Calm During Holiday Crochet” :

1. Plan Your Projects to avoid getting overwhelmed. Make a list of your projects and check them off as you complete each one. This method motivates you to  finish your projects faster. Here a simple chart you can download and print. project-list

2 .Take Breaks to stretch your muscles and body parts. We tend to crochet for hours without realizing  the time has flown past. Then our body gets sore and stiff, this can cause other health issues.  Set an hourly  timer on your cell phone or alarm clock. Dance for 10 minutes, walk around, breathe, and/or drink water or soothing tea.

3. Small Projects are great ways to check off that long project list quickly. Small can have a huge impact when packaged or presented nicely. Such as, a crochet mug cozy with tea bags and cookies inserted in a mug. Get creative and have lots of fun with your small projects.

4. Use Creative Packaging as I stated in tip #3! Gifts inside of a gift are great. Try the dollar store. They  have loads of baskets, vases, wrappings, bags, and bows to make your handmade creations WOW  your gifts. Don’t forget your labels! Buy them HERE.

5. Pamper Your Hands by soaking them in warm water. Gently stretch and massage them with hand  balm or shea butter. They are the chickas making  all the designs inside of you happen. To my Creatives that have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other issues; please pamper your hands.

6. Easy Projects don’t require too many  stitch transitions and difficult patterns. It makes Christmas Crochet much more productive and stress-less. Add cute embellishments like poms-poms and buttons. Stitches like the moss or basket weave create lovely textures. Play with bright fun colors and try the hounds-tooth stitch.  Trust me your easy projects will look like hard work.

7. A Comfy Corner is imperative! Camaraderie  a corner of your sofa, or a cozy recliner, or a bed rest pillow. Make sure you have a little table to place drinks, snacks, and crochet stuff. Don’t forget proper lighting. A comfy seat helps your entire body relax, including your prosperous hands.

I hope these tips are helpful, and  your Christmas Crochet is Calm and a Success!  Take a Look at this Inspirational Pinterest Board I made just for you.

                                                            Finish  healthy and strong.


 Forever hooked Priscilla

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What’s Happening?

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Hello There!people-1636304_640

CC Podcast has not added any new shows since May. But, it will resume around Thanksgiving.

In the meantime. I am proud to announce  I learned the crocodile stitch. I have a couple of fall WIP’s for you to try; and some news about CC Podcast.

Although, I am somewhat of a private person;  I feel my awesome audience can get a snippet of my life. To my Blog skimmers;  good news, I am not a big writer lately. So my blog posts will be short and to the point.

I’ve been making moves! packing-40916_640

I moved back to NY from Maryland. But, setting up my studio is a daunting task. Unpacking, sorting, lifting, hurting and reconnecting with my family, is exhausting


Currently, I’m taking another hiatus in NJ with my parents. By the way they just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary! Super proud of those two!

So, there you have the jist of it!


Now, moving forwardshield-468080_640

A terrible echo in my home will make CC Podcast a hazard to my listeners. It is really bad!face-985965_640

Yesterday, my 4 year old granddaughter  and I were on the phone and she  said “Grandma, have an echo party!”  See what I mean?



I really do miss CC’s podcast, so I’ve been crocheting and researching (just for you) in the meantime.  The set target date is Thanksgiving for resuming  CC Podcast, as I scout the perfect spot for recording and editing future shows,

tree-1574165_640No worries, in the the meantime, I am staying connected with my Makers via social media. I believe my ideas, news, tips, patterns, and crochet Memes are going to make your days.


A few festive posts and goodies are  coming to CC’s Blog, tailored for my sellers & makers .

Before you go,  check out the two fall WIP’S by Bonita’s Patterns

. full_5691_7095_crocodilestitchlegwarmers_2 full_359_7095_crocodilestitchlegwarmers_1                                                                         Crocodile leg warmers Pattern Here

full_5739_1006_crocodilestitchwristwarmers_1-1 full_949_1006_crocodilestitchwristwarmers_2




Crocodile Wrist Warmers Pattern Here

If you’d like to learn the crocodile stitch go here.


See you on Social Media!

Yarn Lovers



This is actually Show #11. My apologies for the major error.

Nevertheless, Listen to the Crocheters Of Instagram connect from across the globe about loving yarn.

Your LOL Host, Latrell Leiza and Tammy laugh about the everyday life of crocheters.

Also, get the scoop on special sales still happening on Instagram at Tammy and Latrell’s online crochet biz.



Listen to this episode!



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10 Quick Crochet Gifts For Dad


Carl & Kidsjpg

It’s 2 Days away! Here are 10  Ideas Gift s You  Can Crochet For DAD!

Use your fab creativity to embellish, dress up, or bundle theses gifts together for Dad!

Just Click The Links to these free Patterns  & Fire Up Your Hooks !
Remote Caddy

Ravelry Free Download By Tink Jones


Guy Bow Tie                                                        Free Red Heart Pattern
Mustache Pillow

Free Red Heart Pattern

Crochet Tie Vintage Crafts & More

Free Pattern By Vintage Crafts & More

Can Cozy
Can Cozy Free Ravelry Pattern By BunnieBard
Moccasins By EasyFreePatterns







Tee Bag
Tee Bag Open By Priscilla Hewitt
Grilling Mitts Pink Mambo
Sports Coasters Crocheted Compliments
Ipad Sleeve
iPad/Tablet Sleeve by EasyCrochetPatterns

If you ‘re still crunched for time Amazon is the next go to place.


Look At the cool T-Shirts arrow-310604_1280Amazon has for Grandfathers!

Amazon Has loads of other Gift Ideas Under $100

Hopefully You’ll get your gift in time for Dad’s Day!  Shop Now


Hug Your Fathers & Tell Them Priscilla said:



Listen to CCPodcast HERE

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Say: I Love You MOM


psa-th Mother’s Day Love!

Let Mom Listen to your personal message on Crocheters Connection Podcast .

Click the Green Banner on Your Left and Leave A 1 Minute Message.
Read A Poem
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The Best Free Gift Ever!

travel-icons-shopping-md                                                Shop These Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift! 2 Day Shipping!



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