Q: Why Crocheters Connection Podcast?
A: I’m on a Mission, to connect Crocheters to  a wider audience and educate them about our art.                   Also to  master the craft of crochet; and find better strategies to sell our creations.


Thousands of sites. groups, and organizations, are doing a phenomenal job of creating thriving platforms for crocheters.

These places inspire, share, and teach the Art of Crochet.  I love what they do. My desire is add extra fun to this fantastic art and to showcase these folks on Crocheters Connection Podcast.  

I believe crocheters have the biggest hearts! We are givers by nature; (Ahem!  Except when comes to our stash and crochet toys).  I’ve witnessed and joined in magnanimous projects. Using our gift to create gifts for  people in need in all areas of life is something to talk about.


Listen to the PODCAST Here. Read my Blog HERE 
I am sure you’ll find both entertaining, inspiring, and resourceful.
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